Tarlamera is a family farming brand that produces organic wheat, rye, oatmeal and cereals from heirloom seeds. Their crops are farmed to sell directly last consumer. Whilst Tarlamera has been our friends for a few years already, in 2021 they have decided that it’s time to have a website with very minimal look. They used to get orders from Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp however it was started to getting a massy work that it couldn’t be managed anymore. We worked together to bring the best user experience to their customers by structuring the store’s navigation, crafting a more informative product page layout and creating social media connections. The new Tarlamera store was inspired by minimalism, a passion for farming organic foods without chemicals, and with the purpose of saving the earth. We have seen a great improvement in sales and conversions since the launch of their Woocommerce store.


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